She shoves her blade against my neck with a surprisingly strong grip and slams my head into the ground again. “Where is the prince you keep here?” she growls.
That’s why she’s here? I laugh to myself. The plot thickens. 
With effort, I flash her an amused smile. “You mean, you haven’t figured it out yet?”
At first, the force on the blade increases. But then her face falls in realization as she stares at my face and down to my exposed human chest where she sat herself upon. 
“What’s the matter, Princess? Never mounted a dragon-prince before? I should tell you- it’s quite the ride,” I say, smiling crookedly at her.

OKay story cred goes to canukke because wow she wrote good story of them meeting and I would like to call it canon, I did however change it just a tad! (changed it from choking to a knife no biggie)
I really want to do a comic of these guys now OTL

#DEAD #THISISTHEDEATHOFME #MYHEART #THECOLORS Here’s the rest of the fic I wrote for Ryan in case you’re curious:




She shoves her blade against my neck with a surprisingly strong grip and slams my head into the ground again. “Where is the prince you keep here?” she growls.

That’s why she’s here? I laugh to myself. The plot thickens.

With effort, I flash her an amused smile. “You mean, you haven’t figured it out yet?”

At first, the force on the blade increases. But then her face falls in realization as she stares at my face and down to my exposed human chest where she sat herself upon.

“What’s the matter, Princess? Never mounted a dragon-prince before? I should tell you- it’s quite the ride,” I say, smiling crookedly at her.

OKay story cred goes to canukke because wow she wrote good story of them meeting and I would like to call it canon, I did however change it just a tad! (changed it from choking to a knife no biggie)

I really want to do a comic of these guys now OTL


Here’s the rest of the fic I wrote for Ryan in case you’re curious:


(via ofraa)

The Beginning

So huge fan of Ryan here and I’m already falling in love with his OCs. And I decided can’t wait for his comics to come out- so I came up with my own head cannon about how Mirae and Scales met. Hope you like it:)

NOTE: most of the information about these characters are more or less true, I consulted Ryan himself about their backstories.


They couldn’t give it a rest, could they?

My ear twitches to the sound of faint rustling of clumsy armor. I sneak a peek from my spot in the cave at the intruder my parents sent as a welcome-never-come-back-home gift. See, they think I’m a monster. But of course like all “concerned” parents, they never listen to reason. Half dragon, I keep telling them, I’m only half dragon.

Usually, the knights they send to defeat me come charging in with some heroic catch phrase they stole from some poor bastard in the capitol’s pub. Usually something like “Your time has come, you beast!!” or “In the name of the king and queen, I shall end you once and for all!!” Not a single original bone in their over glorified bodies.

At first, I hated killing. I knew these men. They had families and friends. They had lives. But after the 37th bastard, I realized that they used to fight by my side- and now they turned to kill me because of the money my parents poured down on them. I wasn’t going to give up my life to a bunch of greedy traitors. Soon enough, it just got tedious and unexciting. You’d think mom and dad would send a fool who actually knows his way with a sword to kill me. Surly they remember me as the excellent swordsman and ridiculously handsome prince I was. Er… still am. But I’m pretty much dead to them. So I suppose I should’ve known they don’t care.

However, this particular one right here- trying to be discreet behind a mound of gold coins- seems different. Obviously, he’s looking for me among the vast gold treasures piled up around in my cave. A dragon’s got to guard something. The poor lad doesn’t even realize I’m standing right behind him. Funny, he’s certainly smaller than the other meatheads that come through here. And I must say, his blade is a beauty. Black steel, silver hilt with a sapphire winking at me from the butt of the sword. Another treasure to add to the collection once I roast this dumbass.

As I reach for his shoulder, I realize at the last minute that he knew I was there the entire time. The bastard was playing me, I note grudgingly. He grips his blade and swings so fast I only have a short time to deflect it with the riffs on my forearms. Perks of being part dragon- the scales are practically impenetrable.

Next thing I know, we’re dancing.

He lunges, I deflect. I lash out, he parries. Not bad for a scumbag hired by my parents. When he manages to cut the human part of my arm, I can’t help but bare my teeth. I’m better than this. Why can’t I gain any ground on him. These fights always end within minutes. But for every offensive step I take, he gains three more. Two more gashes on my chest and I get angry. But he’s too quick. He never loses form either. Footwork like a fairy’s. But a pounce like a lion’s.

Deep down, I can’t help but admire the thrill of the first real fight I’ve had in a long time.

This time when I lash out with my claws, I clip the bottom of his helmet and pop it off. I sneer with satisfaction for a second- but what I see makes me stumble backwards.

"What the hell. YOU’RE A GIRL!!"

When her golden-brown hair tumbles from its place, she takes my momentary stun as an opportunity to come down on me with her blade. But I roll out of the way at the last second.

When I get up, I take time to look at my opponent fully. “Well this just got a little more interesting,” I pause- dodging another attack, “Okay, so not a Knight. But a lady.”

She growls this time when I escape her swing.

"Oh my apologies- a female warrior," I say with a mock bow before I swing my leg and catch her on the breast plate, sending her to the side.

She rolls to her feet again and the two of us begin circling, sizing each other up.

"My father is too pompous to send a girl out to do his dirty work.. So who are you?" I can tell she thinks letting me do the talking will distract me. Poor girl.

"Honey skin, coarse dark hair, foreign armor- so you’re not from anywhere near here, in Qal where my parents rule." I focus on her face, “No, dark skin means a lot of sun… So south. But the only kingdom I know of that’s south of Qal is…  AH, I see now-" She cocks her head and narrows her eyes. “You’re from Gorium."

At the name of her homeland, she roars and leaps at me. After she tackles me to the ground, I hit my head hard on the cave floor. When my vision clears up, I see her holding the black beauty to my scaly neck. I meet her glare with an amused look.

"Sunny, sunny Gorium. A kingdom filled with sandy shores, salty waters and hot warrior-babes," I wink.

She growls and pins me down harshly with her shins on my hips, a fist on my shoulder, and her blade cutting into the skin of my neck.

I turn my palms up to show defense, “Hey- I meant no disrespect. Gorium is a highly militarized state. They honor strength and productivity. Women too. For a girl to prove her worth as an equal partner to a husband, she must first go on a hunt. Middleclass usually goes for a wild boar or a wolf. Upperclass women aim higher- a lion typically. But you…”

I pause, noticing the glint in her golden eyes and the pink in her full lips, “But you… You went for something much greater than a wolf, than a lion. You’re here to slay a dragon. And that can only mean one thing.”

I don’t think she realizes it, but she had slackened her grip on her sword slightly. In the blink of an eye, I wrap my leg around her hip and flip her over, reversing our positions. But she reacts faster than I anticipated and tries to push me off. In the next second, she’s kneeling on the floor with me behind her holding her own weapon against her neck. As she breathes heavily in anger, I whisper in her ear, “You’re a princess.

She moves and pulls a dagger out of nowhere and sinks it into my thigh, right in between the scales. Bitch.

I call out in pain and she slams me back into the ground, pinning me down securely this time. In other circumstances, I’d be so turned on by this.

"You seem to know a whole lot about my kingdom for a beast in a golden cave," she taunts. Hmm I guess that accent is kind of sexy. In a life threatening sort of way.

I only shrug in response.

She grabs my neck with a surprisingly strong grip and slams my head into the ground again. “Where is the prince you keep here?” she growls.

That’s why she’s here? I laugh to myself. The plot thickens.

With effort, I flash her an amused smile. “You mean, you haven’t figured it out yet?”

At first, her grip on my neck tightens. But then her face falls in realization as she stares at my face, down to my exposed human chest where she sat herself upon.

"What’s the matter, Princess? Never mounted a dragon-prince before? I should tell you- it’s quite the ride," I say, smiling crookedly at her.

She sits back and sets her blade down cautiously. Then when she reaches for me, taking my face in her hands, I think for second that she’s going to kiss the prince she’s been looking for. Of course, that was just a stupid thought.

The princess brings her forehead down on me hard and all I remember is the white hot pain before everything goes dark.

When I come to, I groan at the throbbing headache. I can even feel the blood gushing down from the gash she made right above my left eye. As I try to wipe it away, I realize that my hands and feet are bound by rope.

"You headbutted me, you bitch" I mumble.

"You were being a asshole."

I look up to see her pacing around the cave and biting her fingernail. Then I lay back down and chuckle indiscreetly because she doesn’t know what to do. She can’t marry her prince without killing the dragon.

She shoots me a poisonous glare, “Don’t laugh at me, dickbag.” Making her point by kicking me in the ribs. As I rest my bound hands on my forehead and close my eyes, I smile again.

She may not see it yet, but this. This was just the beginning of an epic love.

First Love | Chapter One

So scrolling down my likes and [THIS] comes up and basically punches a hole in my heart. DEAR GOD. MY HEART.

“I still love you.” She said, her voice breaking with grief.

Howl smiled. “I know.” He turned on his heel and walked away.

It was time to try healing again.


"You’re Howl, right?"

I turn around to see the Avatar for the very first time. We’re the same age, 13,  but I’ve never gotten a chance to meet her in person. A lowly sentry apprentice like me hardly ever gets permission to enter the inner compound. Her electric blue eyes have me stumbling over my words, “Wha-? Oh.. yeah. Tha- that’s me.”

Her giggles ring through the afternoon air, “Wanna help me find a place for Naga?”

"Who’s Naga? OH-.." I had been so distracted by this girl that I didn’t notice the massive polarbear dog panting behind her. I start backing away as the beast comes closer to me, sniffing my fear.

As I trip over my stupid boots, which are way too big for me, I can’t help but feel a warmth in my stomach when I hear the girl’s laughter lighting up the air, “Hahaha!! No Naga. Stop, he needs to get up and help me Hehehahahaha!!”

When I wipe off the last of the monster’s snot from my face, we make our way to the animal barn as I answer her unending supply of questions about outside of the Big Gate. She gives one last scratch behind Naga’s ear and walks with me back to the inner gate.

She looks at the ground and lightly kicks the snow, “Well, thanks for the help, Howl.”

When she looks up at me, I smile genuinely, “Anytime-… uh.. uh…..”


She raises an eyebrow and laughs once more, “It’s Korra. My name’s Korra.”

I rub the back of my head, cheeks red, “Right.. Haha Korra. It.. it was really nice to meet you, Korra.”

She grins and turns to race back to her place with the rest of the elite in the tribe.

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Stupid Hair

Reposting old stuff

Before the championship tournament in EP 6, Tahno once again tries his hand at making move on Korra. Despite her obvious hate, Korra can’t help but feel a little flushed by Tahno’s comments.


“Still barkin’ up lover boy’s tree?”

I’m heading into the Arena when I hear Tahno’s slick voice behind me. It only feels like snakes in my ear. I shudder, and not because of the cold wind outside.

The sun’s already set and the nightly chill is setting in. Our championship match isn’t for another half an hour. Why the hell is Tahno here so early? I ask myself. But then again, he probably wanted the home court advantage like I did. There’s something about being early before a match that pumps up your adrenaline. Still, I wanted to be alone.

“What are you talking about now Tahno?” I sigh, “Look- just leave me alone and save it for the match.” I am so ready to turn around and beat the crap out of him. But Tahno keeps close behind me, ignoring the obvious hate in my voice.

He chuckles deeply, “You know exactly who I’m talking about. Come on, open up Avatar. Why don’t we get to know each other before I start givin’ you those private lessons.” He steps in front of me, stopping me short from the big doorway. His fair-skinned face in mine. Those glassy blue eyes are smug with arrogance. He even vaguely smelled of some masculine cologne. Who is this guy. Perfume before a match? Seriously?

“Get over yourself.” I push past him but he falls in step with me again. Something about Tahno just makes my blood boil. His icy stare. His porcelain skin. His white sneer of a smile. He drives me crazy.

“What’s the rush, Korra? Eager to see that chump of a firebender? Honestly, a rookie like him- you’re only wasting your time.” I could practically feel the cold radiating from his body. Like all of the sun in me being over-cast by his clouds of ice. I’m not scared of him, but I don’t like this feeling.

We reach the door to the Fire Ferrets’ loading dock. I whip around and poke a hard finger onto his chest, “Hey- Mako is a GREAT athlete and a better guy than you’ll ever be!”

Another damn smirk on his face, “Please. His offense is weak. And he has to rely on you to defend his left flank because his pussy-ass is right handed. I don’t know about you, but that’s definitely not what it takes to beat a champ- to beat someone like me. Besides, that streetrat doesn’t even know he’s got right in front of him.” Then I watch Tahno’s unabashed eyes travel down my body, biting his pink lip erotically. He looks back at me and slowly winks before turning back down the hallway. Boy, did I want to slap that pompous fool. Flames escape my clenched fists but a different kind of heat rose to my cheeks.

Before I storm into the room, I hear him call over his shoulder, “Maybe once I win this thing, you could swing by my place and I’ll personally show how a real man kisses.”

Despite my own will, the thought flashes in my head. Our two silhouettes pinned against each other in the dark. His lips icy but his breath warm and steamy. Creamy white hands brushing over the dark curves of my skin. I shudder once more, trying to shake all the Tahno off me. 

The match begins a bit later and I watch as he steps onto the pro-bending court.

I crack my knuckles, “I can’t wait to knock his stupid hair off his stupid head.”

Coming Back

So here’s the final part.

After parting ways, Korra finally forces herself to let go of Mako in order to access the Avatar State. Now, Mako returns to the Krew and faces Korra after breaking her heart. With her reaction being a fist full of fire, Mako quickly realizes that this wasn’t going to be easy. Catch up with partONE & partTWO.


Breathe. That’s all I gotta do. Relax. We’re about to attack the Equalists. And Amon. He will go down. Tomorrow night, we strike hard, and we do it fast. The Chi Blockers are quick, but we’re quicker. It all ends here. No big deal.

Airbending practice just ended and Tenzin leaves me to myself. He sees how nervous I am and calls the kids inside to give me some room out here in the pavilion. The sun is about to set now. I sit here crossed-legged and watch the slight changes of the colors that paint the sky.

They’re not wrong about that “calm before the storm” expression. It’s always in that moment where things become final. Like the whole “there’s no turning back now” kind of thing. Not that I want to. I mean, I’ve been preparing to do something like this my entire life. Sure, I didn’t know what exactly I might be doing as I was growing up- but I know now that I’m meant for this. To restore balance to the world.

Everything turns over in my head. All that could happen if I fail. There’s just too much to be worried about. Too much at stake. I could lose my bending. I really can’t imagine my life without it. It makes me who I am. I don’t know if I can do this.

I am too lost in my thoughts to hear anyone come up behind me. I almost jump a foot in the air when I hear a voice.

“So I hear you’re an airbender now.”

The hair on my arms stand straight up. It… it can’t be

I turn to see Mako standing just a few feet away. He looks almost the same since I last saw him. Only now he looks more.. tired. He aged a bit. It’s been four months since he left me sobbing in this very spot.

I scramble to get up, “M-M…Mako”

And in unison, we both slam into each others arms. I can’t believe this. The only thing running through my mind was, he’s here. He came back.. He came back.

As his arms wrap around my waist tightly, he buries his head into my shoulder and mumbles into my shirt, “I missed you.. so much”

Tears threaten to spill when I repeat his words in my head with a smile. He missed me, he missed me, he… missed me.

Then my face falls. He… missed.. me….

Suddenly, I push him away with all my might. “Yo- you.. missed me?”

Mako just stares back, “K-Korra, is something wrong-“

I can’t believe this right now. “Are you serious, Mako? HA! ‘Is something wrong?’ What the FUCK do you think?!?!?! Mister I’m-too-cool-for-this-shit-I’m-so-in-love-with-Asami.”

I don’t know where all this rage in coming from, but it’s in full force now, “YOU LEFT ME SCREAMING YOUR NAME, MAKO. I SAT HERE. SOBBING IN THE RAIN FOR YOU TO COME BACK. AND YOU HAVE THE FUCKING AUDACITY TO COME HERE- MONTHS AFTER RIPPING MY GODDAMN HEART OUT- TO TELL ME THAT YOU FUCKING ‘MISSED ME’ ?!?!” My fists begin heating up fast. Pretty soon, there’s going to be some fire balls being thrown around here.

Mako’s face becomes more agitated with each word that comes from my mouth, “K-Korra, listen to me. I had to do it-“


With a cry of fury, I blast fire at the guy who broke my heart. I follow up with two more jabs and a roundhouse kick. Mako dodges the fire balls quickly and counters with his own. I cross my arms defensively and wave the fire away. He throws more flames at me, coming up in different angles. But I keep running straight toward him. Mako kicks out, emitting a large blast. At the split second, I fall and slide on my knees to avoid the inferno. Closer now, I come back up and pull my fist back for another punch but the bastard catches it right as I swing. I react faster than he anticipated and knee him hard in the ribs. He lets go and clutches his side with a grunt. I take his moment in pain as an opportunity to turn on one foot and swing my other leg around 360 degrees, just to connect the heel to his cheekbone. The momentum forces him backwards a few feet and he sprawls out on the ground.

As he tries to push himself up, the pain in Mako’s eyes become apparent. He is at a loss for words, “..Korra- please. You need to listen to me. It’s why I came back now. To tell you that I had to do it. I-.. trust me, I- I didn’t want to.. Korra, please just listen-“

How can he mess with my head now, of all times. I shake my head and turn to leave, “I don’t need this right now Mako.”

“Korra- Just wait.”

I stop and swivel back, “No, trust me- I’ve waited long enough. You don’t understand what you’ve put me through. I know we’re still young but I’ve never felt this way about someone. I thought we were together on this. And then, to have you leave… I just couldn’t-.. I couldn’t……” I turn back and resume walking away from him.

"You know, they say that if you really love someone- you have to let them go,” he pauses, “Leaving you was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do.”

That stop me in my tracks.

He goes on, “Korra, you’re one of the most genuine people that I’ve come across in my life. And I know that being the Avatar isn’t easy for you. I watched you struggle and it killed me that there was nothing I could do to help you.”

I stand there with my back to him, still listening.

“That day-.. that morning, Tenzin came in to talk to me after breakfast. He told me that things were starting to get very dangerous. That Amon is getting stronger. He was afraid that if the situation came and you needed to, you wouldn’t be able to access the Avatar State. You were somehow too grounded, too attached to the earth. When I asked him what was keeping you down, he said it’s because of me.”

I am too confused to even realize Mako had been walking toward me. I am surprised as he takes my hand. I try to pull away but he continues, “I have never despised myself more than I did that day. But I cared about you. Just like you, I would do anything for the people that I love. I couldn’t just sit there and watch you wrestle with yourself. I had to do something.”

I wait as he struggles with his words. He brings my hand up to caress his cheek. His skin is soft, but his face is twisted in pain and his eyes are shut, “I replay that moment everyday, torturing myself with that look you gave me when I told you that I didn’t love you.”

His voice is beginning to tremble, “When I said those things, I didn’t just break your heart. I broke mine too.”

I couldn’t speak. What is going on? For so long I’ve told myself repeatedly that Mako would never come back. That he would never love me. And most of all, say these things. This isn’t supposed to happen. Mako is dead to me. Who is this man in front of me?

“Mako-.. I…”

I’m not sure of what to say. There is only silence.

Everything is backwards now. I had buried Mako deep in my head so I wouldn’t think of him. I was okay with things. I accepted Mako’s choice. I let him go. But now he’s back and saying things I never thought he’d say. He’s clawing his way out of the dark shadows in my mind. He’s healing up every wound that he left bleeding that day. It changes everything.

He looks at me now. His ember eyes are soaked in pain as he clutches my hand- pressing it to his cheek, “I came here, looking for a way to make things right. But I already knew it’d be a lost cause. Once I found out that you accessed into the Avatar State, I knew it was too late. You’ve already let me go.”

I meet his eyes for a moment and bring my other hand up to cup his face. His shifts his hands to grasp my forearms. We stand there for a moment, so close I can almost feel his heart beat just across from mine.

In that moment, I forgave him.

I only whisper, “You have made things right. All this time, I thought I drove you away.” Tears spill from my eyes, “But you’re here. And I understand now.”

Then Mako pulls me into a kiss before I could react. I hadn’t expected this, but I kiss him back with all that I have. His soft lips mold into mine. My arms lock around his neck as he wraps his own around my waist, pulling me in tighter. Our lips aren’t moving but this kiss is saying everything that wasn’t said before. I can feel him pouring his soul into me as I give him mine.  

We slowly pull away at the same time. I bury my face in his strong chest as he kisses the top of my head.

And as we stood there, in each other’s arms, I can feel for the first time- the possibility that everything could be okay.

What is wrong with me..

Is it weird that I like to read/write angst more than anything else?

I just find it so much more relatable. Probably because I’m still in the process of getting over someone who’s been in my life for a awhile now. But angst filled fanfiction- I don’t know- it’s just more emotionally charged to me than confessions of love or tender embraces. Not everyone may know what it’s like to be in love, but at least we all know what pain is like.

Am I supposed to like getting my heart ripped out?

Letting Go

Reposting old stuff

This is a continuation of partONE.

After the cold confrontation with Mako, Korra finds herself empty. Scenes reappear in her mind and the pain comes right back up. Tenzin convices her it’s time to let go and embrace the Avatar State. Drabble?


Empty. Everything is empty. Always has been since he left. I guess it’s been like what, two months?

I lay in bed wanting nothing. Naga is still snoring. I don’t think anyone is up yet. But the sun has just come up- so that will probably change soon. Amon is still out there.  The Chi Blockers continue to reek havoc on the streets of Republic City. About a week since Mako and Asami left, Bolin and I have tried to go out on our own- trying to save other benders, but there were too many close calls. So we decided it was best to wait. Tenzin talked to Councilmen Tarlok and the both of us have been back on the Task Force. I roll my eyes, just thinking about it. Fucking Tarlok

I sit up and make my way to the wash room. As I saunter over, I look in the mirror. I look tired. But I know that people say “tired” to avoid saying “fucking ugly.” Which is true. My eyes are no long as blue as they used to be. They’re more grey. And they’re lined with red. I guess I was crying in my sleep again.

Scenes of the last time I saw Mako flood in.

“I know what I said before, how I was confused and all, but now I know. I’ve realized that Asami- she’s the one. The only woman I love”

“You’ve done enough, and I don’t want to have anything to do you”


“You’re just embarrassing yourself. I already told you, I don’t love you.”

I shut my eyes and grasp the sink for support. I let my head hang. This whole time, I’ve been fooling myself. How could I believe that something existed between Mako and I. A guy like him would never look at a girl like me. I’m stubborn and aggressive. I’m irrational and I care too much. Mako was just the opposite. He’s level headed and cautious. He even raised Bolin, who turned out to be a great guy. Asami is perfect for Mako. She has everything that I don’t. She’s not lucky either, she deserves someone like Mako. They’re the ones who were meant for each other. Not me.

It was never me.

Tenzin knocks on my door, “Korra, are you ready to try again today? I hope you’ve slept well.”

The Avatar State. I’d say it’s even more challenging than airbending. And if I can’t even bend a puff of air- then what makes Tenzin think I can master the Avatar State. I sigh and wash the sleep off my face.

I meet Tenzin in the pavilion in the middle of the island. He’s already meditating when I arrive. When I sit down in front of him, he looks at me, “Okay, I want you to breathe. We’re going to try this again.”

I scratch my head irritatedly, “You know, Tenzin, we’ve been doing this for weeks now. I’m starting to think it’ll never work. The Avatar State just hates me.” 

“It does not hate you. It can’t hate you,” he replies, “And you know exactly why you are unable to.” My teacher gives me a small sad look.

I look away, “Pffffft, I really don’t think Mako’s the problem.”

“He is, Korra.”

“No he’s not!!”

Tenzin takes my chin and forces me to face him. He sighs, “You need to let go.

I stare at him hard for a long time. But my eyes begin to tear.


My voice is shaky, barely coming out in a whisper, “Ho-.. How could he do that to me?”

Tenzin only looks back at me and says nothing, for which I am thankful for. There’s really nothing to say. Mako is gone. He’s better off dead to me. It feels even worse to know that he wouldn’t even want to see me, that he chose to leave.

It’s silent for a few moments. The breeze picks up and rustles to trees around us. The morning sun is still pretty low. The island is barely beginning to wake. I can hear the kitchens sizzling away for breakfast; people are slowing getting up for work. Peaceful.

I look out to the right of us. I can see the sea expanding out to the horizon. The view shifts and settles on Republic City. From here, it too seems peaceful. The silver buildings take on a low glow from the early sun. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say it’s the safest place in the world.

But it’s not. It will never be safe. Amon is still out there. The Chi Blockers are still out there. What worries me the most, is that that’s where all the innocent people are. That’s where Mako is.

I won’t leave them.. like he did.

I cross my legs and put my fists together. I close my eyes. Breathe in. Breathe out.

“Let your mind go blank, Korra.” says Tenzin, “Relax… And let go”


But it’s a different kind of empty. It’s full. I can feel it now. The energy surrounds me in a ball of light. Suddenly, I’m no longer with Tenzin. I’m somewhere else, but I can’t place it. There’s just light.

Then I hear Tenzin. “She got in,” he whispers, “She did it.”

When I open my eyes, I can’t see him. But I know he’s there. I know where everything is. I can see it all without having to actually see. The elements are calling to me. The ocean’s waves become alive. The ground beneath me begins to hum. The heat from the sun seeps through my skin and into my my blood. A smile creeps on my face. I stand up a raise my hands slowly. From a slight breeze, the air shifts. Now the wind picks up and quickly encircles in a loose tornado.

But before I can relish the moment, the energy ball around me becomes hard to maintain. Exhaustion starts from my toes and reaches its way up. The wind dies down and the waves calm down. I didn’t even know I was levitating until I set myself back down. Before I could slump to the ground, Tenzin stands up to catch me. 

His face has never been more lit up, “You did it.”

I reach up and embrace him in a hug, “Yeah, I guess I did.”

Tenzin helps me back to the compound for some breakfast. He tells me of all his plans for my airbending practices.

I don’t hear my teacher, though. There was only one thing on my mind.

I did it. I really did it. I must really love Mako, because I let him go.